What Is C4 Assurance?

As service providers cut costs, they become unable to provide the support businesses like you need. We’ve built a program to address these gaps, and to bring a personal touch to your technology experience.

Our C4 Assurance program allows us to use our time-tested best practices to manage all your cloud and telecom needs. You can get back to focusing on your priority initiatives because we keep track of your telecom assets and leverage our experience dealing with providers to optimize costs, handle changes, and resolve service outages.

We gain granular insight into your network so we can keep your business online and secure, and by handling the relationships with your technology providers on your behalf, we relieve you of the burden of managing your solutions. You’ll gain full transparency and benefit from a dedicated team — all on a subscription basis.

If you’re ready to get back to running your business, we’re here for you. We’ll become your single point of contact, and provide the unbiased advice you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Why Should I Choose C4 Assurance?

If you’re looking for a partner to expertly manage your technology and give you peace of mind, C4 Assurance is right for you. Benefits include:

  • A personal touch. In an industry increasingly driven by automation, C4 remains your trusted partner. We will develop a deep understanding of your business and help you and your company succeed.
  • A sharp, responsive team. We excel at responding to and solving problems. Our proven track record of expertly resolving network issues shows we are constantly working behind the scenes to bring your business back online from an outage. We orchestrate everything, so your customers never notice a thing.
  • Expert industry knowledge. We bring time-tested industry experience to the table. We’ll help you understand your technology solutions, provide strategic guidance, and show you how your solutions can help your business grow.
  • No more wasted resources. Dedicate your valuable business and IT resources to what your team does best while leveraging C4 Assurance to fully manage all your telecom and cloud-related services and providers.

C4 Assurance comes with these key elements:

  • C4 Assurance Portal. See your current contracts and inventories for every service provider and every location, all in one place. You’ll gain visibility on all points of your network, from moves, adds, and changes to network outage resolutions.
  • Dedicated Project Management. We will fully manage all changes to your network, and track them in the C4 Assurance Portal for your visibility.
  • Network Outage Resolution. We know your network and how to navigate the service providers’ repair departments. Let us resolve your network outages so that you can stay focused on your business.
  • Billing Issue Resolution. Billing issues with service providers can be complicated and time consuming. Our team will make sure your business is paying what it should and recover funds incorrectly charged.
  • Quarterly Account Reviews. Every quarter, we will help you review your current business technologies, how they relate to your company’s current goals, and make a plan for continued success.
  • Annual Report Card. These reports will provide a more overarching view of your technology operations. We’ll review successes, provide an updated network diagram report card and an updated cost analysis, and help you plan for the upcoming year.

The C4 Assurance Client Experience

We have leveraged C4 Assurance and Colombo’s organization for the past several years for network migrations, data center deployments, and most recently the selection and implementation of a hosted contact center solution.

Being able to call on C4 when we need them is huge. When we are making important technology decisions and/or infrastructure improvements we know we can lean on C4 for assistance and that we will get rock solid service. They help us stay focused on our business and not get slowed down by the various tech and infrastructure issues that pop up.

- Eric Harnden, Managing Director

AP Intego Insurance Group, LLC

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