The C4 Client Experience

C4 Communications and Cianbro have had a strong business partnership for more than 15 years, so when our strategic plan called for us to relocate our disaster recovery center, reaching out to Colombo was one of the first phone calls we made. We knew we had outgrown our existing DR facility and we had concerns with the close geographic proximity to our data center, so we embarked on a path to find a new site. C4 assisted us with a detailed analysis involving considerations for hosting DR at another Cianbro facility, engaging a co-location center, or migrating to the cloud. C4 demonstrated their industry expertise by presenting Cianbro with several viable options, including cost analytics, risk exposures, support plans, geographic analysis and strategic relationships. This analysis helped Cianbro’s IT Leadership team to set a direction and quickly develop a business plan. Colombo personally arranged site visits, technical discussions and aided in the contract negotiations. Without C4, Cianbro’s timeline to cut over to a new DR site would have taken significantly longer.

I consider Colombo and the C4 Communications team a strategic partner and will continue to lean on them for their expertise.

- Russ Rodrigue, CIO

Cianbro Corporation