About Us

Founded by Colombo DiSalvatore, III in 2001, C4 Communications is a boutique technology consulting firm that has been serving SMB and small enterprise customers for the last 20 years. With a focus on mid-size customers — who are typically underserved by today’s telecom and cloud service providers — we deliver value through long-term, collaborative partnerships.

Colombo has a specific mission: to keep promises to customers, to earn and maintain their trust as a dedicated partner, and to make sure they get the solutions and support they need.

With a background in carrier sales, he was disillusioned with the business model that forced him to focus purely on new sales and left him unable to care for customers he’d brought on board. He knew he could offer what these customers truly needed, and founded C4 to make it a reality. Colombo put together a team with a few chief goals: always work with integrity and excellence, bring constant value to clients, and provide a work-life balance for himself and his team.

What Can C4 Communications Do For Me?

We initiate, oversee, and complete a variety of business technology projects for mid-size and small enterprise customers.

  • Connectivity. From one office to 50, we deliver voice and data solutions to all your users and sites so your business stays up and running.
  • Cloud communications. We help businesses leverage the power of the cloud to elevate their phone systems with UCaaS.
  • Cloud computing. Hosted solutions for disaster recovery, infrastructure, and desktop help businesses secure their data and gain more flexibility.

With all the solutions we offer, we provide ongoing support through our C4 Assurance program so you have one call to make, and you gain a partner for the full lifecycle of your technology.

Why Choose C4 Communications?

  • Independent advice. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each provider, and deliver unbiased recommendations based on years of marketplace expertise.
  • A consultative approach. We take the time to understand the business outcome you are looking to achieve and orchestrate solutions from our portfolio of technology providers.
  • A ready, responsive team. We are here whenever you require help, and we apply our experience to best understand your need and resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Ready for a trusted partner?

Let C4 connect your business with the technology it needs to grow.

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